Second Quarter – 2020

The Parish Post

A Quarterly Newsletter From the Caswell County Parish

“Alone we can do so little.  Together we can do so much.”   Helen Keller

Dear Friends of the Parish,

The story of the history of  the parish was in our first quarterly newsletter,  but we think it is worth repeating. The above quote describes how the Caswell Parish came into being when in 1975 a group of pastors recognized that small churches working alone had a very difficult time meeting the needs of the most vulnerable in our communities but that by working together  much could be accomplished.  For the past 40+  years, small churches cooperating  through the parish have provided emergency assistance to those in great need.  Your support of the parish has enabled all of us to feed the hungry,   provide utility assistance to those in danger of losing heating or cooling, clothe those without the bare essentials, and provide household goods to those who have suffered a catastrophic loss.  We hope the quarterly newsletter will  keep you informed as to how we are meeting the needs of the most vulnerable in our county and as to how you can help through your support.


When the COVID-19 crisis shut down almost all activities outside the home,  Brooke McPherson had to make a decision regarding her High Fitness classes.   Did she simply stop classes until allowed to return to the Rec Center or would she find another way?   Brooke decided to continue to try to keep her clients fit by posting her demonstrations in videos on line,  telling her clients that she would not charge them for the video classes.  Her clients rejected that suggestion and insisted on paying her.  So,  Brooke came up with an idea:  why not use her video classes to raise money for the Caswell Parish.  She proposed the idea to her students and they readily agreed.  Over a period of approximately five weeks in April, Brooke raised  $2,257 for the Caswell Parish food fund.   Thanks, Brooke!


 After two and a half months of being closed in order to comply with the COVID – 19 quarantine,  the Caswell Parish Two Hearts thrift store is open again on a reduced schedule with safety guidelines in place.  The store is open the first Saturday in the month and on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM.  Shoppers must wear a mask when in the store and are encouraged to use the hand sanitizer upon entering the building.  A maximum of six shoppers are allowed in the store at one time.  The parish is grateful to all shoppers who follow these guidelines designed to keep everyone safe from the virus.


It all started with Bobbye Raye Womack of the Womack Foundation,  a major supporter of many organizations who serve children,  including the Caswell Parish.  Bobbye Raye had an idea that it would be wonderful to provide a hot meal for families while at the same time helping a local restaurant who was experiencing a downturn because of the COVID-19 crisis.  The Caswell Messenger also wanted to be involved.   The plan was to provide a hot meal, with food enough to feed four people,  for 25 families.  Families were asked to call the Caswell Parish if they were interested in receiving a meal.  Lillard’s Family Restaurant in Providence was hired to cook the meals.


Bobbye Raye’s idea caught fire.  Soon, others in the community wanted to provide a hot meal. In all,  meals were provided five times,  thanks to the support of the Caswell Messenger (who donated free newspapers)  and the Womack Foundation twice, Brooke McPherson/Hot Fitness, Mimms Contractors, and retired school personnel (Wayne and Barbara Owen,  Ethel Gwynn, Bonnie Brewer,  Jane and Al Thompson,  and Nell Page).

Womack Foundation Meal: Debra Ferrell, Caswell Messenger editor and Lillard's Family Restaurant staff - Joel and Julia Lillard and Mary Meyers
Mimms Contractors
Left to right: Jane Thompson, Parish Adm. Volunteer, Joel Lillard/family staff, Nell Page, Parish Adm Volunteer, Teresa Wilcox, Adm Assistant


Rocky Asby and Al Thompson, jacks of all trades. The Parish could not do without the many services provided by these two.
Lan Clark, Duke University employee working for home during the shutdown, picks up food from Food Lion two days each week, a godsend during this time.
Allison Lancaster, Prospect UMC pastor, helps with intake and filling food boxes. Ernest Watkins has become a refular in the pantry and often just stops by to see what is needed.


These are scary times for many of our citizens. Efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 included sheltering in  place,  which means that many businesses had to close temporarily.  The Caswell Parish had moments of uncertainty,  especially with the cancelling of the annual spring fund raiser,  the fashion show,  and the closing of the thrift store,  an important funding source.  However,  due to the amazing generosity of so many churches and organizations and individuals,  the parish continues to be able to keep its doors open and to provide food assistance to the hungry as well as other services.


The Caswell Parish food bank is very fortunate to partner with Second Harvest of NWNC as well as Food Lion.  These two organizations provide food to the parish either free of charge or for only the cost of delivery, enabling us to stretch our food dollars much further than if we had to buy the food from local retailers.   Expenditures for food during the second quarter are as follows:  

April:  $2,448.90
May:     1,054.94
June:     1,023.06


In addition to the many individuals who have generously supported the parish during the COVID-19 crisis, we have also been the very fortunate beneficiary of several grantors who have helped the food pantry.  As sincere thank you to The Womack Foundation, Walmart-Garden Road in Burlington,  The Food Lion Foundation, the Altria Group,  Cardinal Innovations,  Duke Energy,  and the Health Collaborative



Our mission to feed the hungry could not be carried out without the generous support of the churches,  organizations,  and individuals in Caswell County who donate food each month.  We are grateful for the generous support during the months of  April, May and June.


Brooke McPherson/High Fitness
Jessica Schumaker
Prospect UMC
Rocky Ashby/Union Church
Pleasant Grove Presbyterian
Stan and Christa Brown
Johnnie Wilmonth
Girl Scout Troop 12550
Susan Meadows
Annice Davis
Griers Presbyterian

Union Church/ Rocky Ashby
Johnnie Wilmonth
Scout Troop
BY Baseball/Softball Alumni
Linda Crumpton
Kay Ivey
Deanna Outz
Bonnie and Bobby Brewer
Stan and Christa Brown
Prospect UMC
Audrey Wright
Camp Springs Church
Sara Broadwell
Leasburg UMC

Sara Broadwell
Deanna Outz
Bill Bush
Laura Blackard
Beverly Wright
Ross and Amy Myers
Mary Ann Allen 
Camp Springs UMC
Melissa Mimms
Union UMC
Stan and Christa Brown


Also vital to our mission are the financial contributions from our churches,  organizations, and individuals – listed below. These donations enable us to keep our doors open and to purchase food.  Below are the donors for April, May and June 2020:


Lan Clark –  Ethel and Ross Gwynn – Allison and Nell Page – Caswell Tire – Caswell Insurance Services – Thomas Brothers Oil and Propane – MKM Services, INC. – Stephen Carscadden – Sheryl Smith – Geraldine Fugua – Sanny and Sylvia Johnson – Union UMC Women – Susan Merritt – Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant – 86 Convenient Mart – William H. Daniel, PA, Attorney at Law – Wildwood Farms – Harry E. Bray Insurance – Mia Lungtu – Ace Home and Building – Caswell Auto Parts – Allison Lancaster – Jo Ann Watkins – Benton Kay Thompson – Jimmy and Gina Watlington – Glenda Evans – Jim and Lou Hinton – Alvin and Debbie Rascoe – Sheriff Tony Durden and April – Jack and Lisa Talbot – Tony Durden III, Chelsea and Madison – Patsy Watlington – Annica and Charles Hodges – Bobby and Bonnie Brewer – Stan and Christa Brown – Terri Powell – Amy Woods – Ann Gillispie – Freda and Glenda Tate – Annette McDuffie – Jane and Al Thompson – Annymous – Billie Briggs – Larry Foster 


Susan Blackwell – Durdana Starns – Roger Glenn – Della Williams – Laura Dunlap – Dawn Barts – Davanea Bush – Larry Jeffress – Durdana Yousuf – Jane Thompson – Stacey Poteat Clayton – April McFarling – Phil Harris – Gina Morris Watlington – Betsy Watlington – Deborah Newcomb Cook – Scott Powell – Jack Page – Molly Bradsher Briggs – Shannon Haire Moretz – Bill Bush – Carol Newcomb Foster – Pat Tanksley – Katherine Finch Watlington – David Owen – Rebecca Page – Weldon Slayton – Heejun Yang – Don Donevan – Dawn Chilton Barts – Bonnie Brewer – Jane Lyday Westridge – Rocky Ashby – Steve Oestreicher – Blair Briggs Roberts – Rhonda Sims-Stephens – Liz Augustine


APRIL:  Community Baptist – Concord Christian (Larry Jones) – Lively Stones Baptist – Providence Baptist – Red House Presbyterian – Red Hill Baptist – St. James Baptist

MAY:  Bethel Christian – Community Baptist – Concord Christian (Larry Jones) – Connally UMC – Kerrs Chapel Baptist – Lively Stones Baptist – Locust Hill UMC – Milton UMC – Pleasant Grove Presbyterian – St. James Baptist – Union Church

JUNE:  Community Baptist – Concord Christian (Larry Jones) – Lively Stones Baptist – St. James Baptist – Yanceyville Presbyterian


APRIL:  Barbara Berger – Bobby and Bonnie Brewer – Sara and Graham Broadwell – Anonymous – Larry and Evelyn Cowan – Pat and Steve Crist – Janet Dillard – Phyllis and Eddie Durham – Steve and Kim Eaton – Bruce and Ellen Guarine – Mary Emma Harris – Michael and Lynn Harris – Phil Harris – Mary Jo and Roger Henderson – Donna Maskill – Cliff and Stacy Matkins – Brooke McPherson/High Fitness – Wayne and Barbara Owen – George and Margaret Stouffer – Benton C Thompson – Jane and Al Thompson

MAY:  Sara and Graham Broadwell – Rose Byrne – Anonymous – Larry and Evelyn Cowan – Kim Gainey Drye – Rese and Laura Farrish – Christopher Gray – Jonathonand Patricia Gray – Terry and Beverly Harrelson – Donna and Tim Hudson – Donna Maskill – Charles and Kim McLamb – Brooke McPherson/ High Fitness – Mimms Contractors – Susan and David Percy – John and Kim Steffan – George and Margaret Stouffer – Benton C Thompson

JUNE:  Sara and Graham Broadwell – Anonymous – Larry and Evelyn Gwynn – Brenda Day – Pat Ewalt – John Ferguson – Peggy Gwynn – Donna Maskill – Nell Page – Thomas and Joyce Ritchie – Freda Tate – Glenda Tate


Food Pick-Up/Distribution
Tommy Wrenn
Allison Lancaster 
A; and Jane Thompson
Bobby Brewer
Rick and Caleb Mishue
Lan Clark
Alvin and Suzanne Foster
Kin Watlington
JR Robinson
Greyson Lancaster
Carson and Kelsey Craig
Nick Stanley
Greyson Wrenn
Braydon Boaz
Debbie and Alvin Rascoe
Administration/Grant Writing
Jane Thompson
Nell Page

Thrift Store
Amy Woods, display
Terry Powell,  display
Annette McDuffie
Christa Brown
Ashley Mustain
Caroline Woods
David Dail
Will Crumpton
Landon Woods
William Woods  
Data Entry
Allison Lancaster
Teresa Wilcox – Admin Assistant

Technical/Web Support
Stacy Matkins
Cliff Matkins
Pat Crist
Linda Watlington
For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat,I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me,I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ “Then the righteous will answer him,‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you,or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’ “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’
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Parish Board Members:
Geraldine Fuqua, Chair
Jane Thompson, Vice-chair
Annette McDuffie, Secretary
Nell Page, Secretary
Ann Gillispie
Sang Park
John Robinson
Nancy Wrenn
Susan Merritt
Annie Holmes
Claude Walker
Pat Crist
Lan Clark
Christa Brown